How to Reboot My Laptop: Easy Steps Guide for Beginners

When I was a beginner in using my laptop, I got some problems that demanded me to reboot my laptop. However, I realized that I hadn’t known yet about how to reboot my laptop. Then I searched the internet and found some simple steps to reboot a laptop. It is great for beginners to try and you can try to reboot your laptop too by yourself. The materials needed to reboot a laptop are of course the laptop itself, a power cord and also battery.

how to reboot my laptop

Step by Step about How to Reboot My Laptop

Rebooting a laptop with a soft rebooting might be slightly different with rebooting a computer. First, you should identify the Operating System type that installed in your laptop, because different platform has different ways to trigger the reboot process. You also can do it through hard reboot, which can be learned on the step below.

  • For those who have a laptop with Microsoft Windows Operating System, you can see the way in the Step 3. The Linux Operating Systems users will see the way in the Step 4. Meanwhile, those who use a laptop with Mac Operating System, will find the way in Step 5.
  • For Windows OS, click Start menu in your laptop, click the Power or Turn Off Computer option and then choose Restart on the options. Alternatively, you also can press three keys in the same time: ALT, CTRL, DEL or delete. The keys pressing will bring out the Task Manager of Windows. Then click the Shutdown menu and then choose the Restart from the options.
  • In a laptop with Linux system, rebooting can be started from the interface of graphical user or from the command shell. The reboot option is commonly placed in Main Menu or in the object bar at the window’s side. Otherwise, you can simply restart the machine by typing a command shell text such as shutdown or reboot.

How to Rebooting My Apple Laptop


  • In the Apple’s laptop like MacBook Pro, the reboot process can be done by simply clicking the Apple Menu on the top left corner. Select the Restart option. A message box will appear after selecting the option and you will need some time to initial the reboot process. Otherwise, you also can display the Restart menu directly by pressing a couple of keys; Control and Eject so the reboot process can be started after clicking the Restart option.
  • The way of how to reboot my laptop can also be done through Hard System; it is important to do for those who face freezing machine and the restarting from operating system is impossible. You can start rebooting by simply press the power button and hold it in about 10 seconds or wait until the machine stops. Then wait for 10 seconds more for the power up attempt.
  • If all of the steps above aren’t working to reboot your laptop. Then you should unplug the power source of the laptop; it is the battery. Search some tips of the right ways to remove a laptop’s battery based on your laptop’s brand.
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