3 Easy Ways for Laptop Troubleshooting you can Follow

Nowadays, laptop users are increasing. Laptops have many uses such as writing documents, editing photos, and many other uses. But, as an electronic item, it is not impossible for laptop getting trouble. The troubles that may occur on laptops vary such as troubles on the battery charging, network, display, and so on. It makes you have to know about laptop troubleshooting.

By knowing about laptop troubleshooting guide, it will make the troubleshooting easier. So, you will not be confused anymore when your laptop is getting trouble.

laptop troubleshooting

What is the Most Common Issues Found in Laptop Troubleshooting

There are some common issues found in laptop troubleshooting, they are:

  1. Getting troubles with the screen such as the display is blurry and flickering. The definition of flicker is a kind of screen motion that appears when moving a laptop.
  2. Getting troubles with the battery such as the battery does not charge and shows no power.
  3. Getting trouble with the connectivity such as no wireless connectivity and no Bluetooth connectivity.

How to Fix the Laptop Easily

To fix the troubles from a laptop is actually easy. How to troubleshoot it? Here are the answers.

  1. Problems on the screen

When you find the display of your laptop is blurry and unclear, and some text looks colorless, do not panic first. Maybe it is just a matter of lighting. You simply change the inverter. If that does not work, you can try to access the manual and determine what the current resolution is. Then, if the screen of your laptop is flickering, you only need to install the video cable correctly.

  1. Problems on the battery

Charging the battery that does not fill often is an indicator that your laptop battery may be old and worn out. The way to overcome this problem is simple, which is enough to replace the old battery with a new battery.

Then, when the laptop shows no power, you can check the condition of the power supply. You have to make sure that your laptop’s power supply is still functioning or not. If yes, then the problem is with your adaptor. Check your adaptor because it might be damaged or loose.

  1. Problems on the connectivity

When your laptop suddenly does not have wireless connectivity, it is maybe because of the disconnection of cable to the wireless adapter. So, it can interfere with connectivity signals. Then, when there is no Bluetooth connectivity, it is maybe a result of problems with other wireless adapters. This is because the wireless connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity are related.

When there are problems on your laptop, you can do the laptop troubleshooting in those simple ways. But, if those ways do not work, you have to take it to the rental for getting better.

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