Halogen Guide to London

Explore London in Style “By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.”—Samuel Johnson Why Go Now No other capital in Europe has succeeded in merging the historic and the high-tech as successfully and beautifully as London. Like a Thomas Gainsborough beauty channeling her modern-day It Girl, the city … Read more

Choosing the Best International Cell Phone Coverage

Stay connected no matter where you travel. For most travelers headed abroad, keeping in touch with family and colleagues during their absence is a must. But getting the best value on international cell phone service can be a daunting task. Knowing your travel habits and asking the right questions are the best ways to get … Read more

Are The New MacBooks Really “The Greenest”?

When the new green MacBook Pro was rolled out earlier this year, Apple touted them as “The World’s Greenest Family of Notebooks.” The latest fruit to appear on the Apple tree is lighter, less toxic and more energy efficient than its peers. But, we wondered, is it really the greenest of them all? It all … Read more

Don’t Grimace: McMansions May Be Disappearing

The term McMansion first appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune in 1990 as a pejorative reflection on the 3,000+ square-foot assembly-line homes built after the U.S. stock market boom of the 1980s. Usually clustered together in what would end up being called gated communities, McMansions filled a gap between modest suburban tract housing and upscale … Read more

Getting Into Hedge Funds

Portfolio Hedging Getting in the Money Hedge funds are opening their doors to a wider investor class. But before you fall hard for those triple digit returns, here’s the basics of using hedge funds to diversify your portfolio and a look at what brings those financial, and emotional, highs and lows. It’s hard to ignore … Read more

Staycation: Annoying Phrase, Great Concept

Checking In: Domestic TravelChecking Out: European Vacation Before I launch into my defense of our country as a viable vacation alternative, let’s get one thing straight. I in no way condone the use of the word “staycation.” It’s the “Fergalicious” of travel writing, and we’ve all seen what Ms. ‘Alicious has done for pop music. … Read more

Healthcare Gets Personal

Paging Dr. Concierge The mantra here is pay more, get more. For those seeking more time with their primary doctor, assistance in navigating the medical and insurance world during an illness or simply a multi-day intensive medical check-up, personalized healthcare can be the answer. You may already have excellent health insurance, but you can’t really … Read more

Hiring a Chef

The Best Kind of Home Cooking Personal and private chefs promise that you’ll never see a slice of cold pizza or day old Chinese food again. Here are the ins and outs of finding home cooking help. A busy life and eating well. Too often, the two don’t find time to meet. When a typical … Read more