MacBook Pro Frozen: Causes and How to Solve it Easily

MacBook pro frozen is surprisingly a common problem on almost all MacOS users. It happens all the time. You need to understand that MacOS is a smart operating system. It is designed to self detect if they have any problem inside. The problem can be caused the system detects something dangerous on your other software.

macbook pro frozen

My MacBook Pro frozen, what should I do?

If your MacBook pro freezes suddenly, there are several steps that you can try to solve it. Here’s how

  • Turn off front application

This is actually highly suggested by the Apple folks. Many times, frozen iOS is caused by dangerous behavior on some of your applications. In this case, you need to turn off the applications, especially the front most ones. If you are working on something, save it first then turn off the applications.

To do this, you can press Option, Shift, Command, and Esc at once, and hold those keys for around three seconds. It should turn off your active applications.

Then, you should check if the system is still frozen. It commonly fixes the problem. If not, try to restart your system after that.

  • Restart the System during frozen

There are three ways to quit and start you iOS to fix the frozen situation.

  • First, you can click the Apple logo on the top left part of the menu bar, and from there, you can select force quitting option.
  • Second, you should press several keys including Option, Command, and Esc at the same time and select force quit option. Third, press the power button until the laptop turns off.

Don’t get panic when it happens. Try those tips above one by one and see what happens. See your technician if those won’t help you. In most cases, you don’t need a pro help to fix a MacBook pro frozen.

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