How to Show Information on Your Google Pixel Home Screen

If you ever think to make your home screen is full of the information you need or the information at a glance on Google Pixel, you are lucky enough. You can easily manage the home screen information that you wish to appear. The information that should appear on the home screen should be the current date, weather and some valuable information that suit you. It is easy to make information at a glance to appear on the home screen. To make it happen, please follow these google pixel phone instructions below.

google pixel home screen

Showing information at your Google Pixel home screen step by step

Showing information to your home screen is a part of managing your home screen. It will use the widget thing, which is also usually used in other phones. To begin, please go to your home screen first.

After go to your home screen, press and hold on your home screen that is not occupied with the apps. Stop to press when the widget settings appear. After that, tap the “Widgets.” In this menu, you can organize the information to be shown on your home screen. How to do that? Just simply hold and drag the things that you need to appear. Drag the information to the home screen.

If you see that there are dots appear in information out line, it means that you can resize the size. To resize it, just drag the dots to resize the widget. If you think you are done or you finish it, tap anywhere outside the widget. Then you can try to proof your home screen.

If you still don’t see any information that appears on your home screen, you need to recheck it. Check the second or the third home screen. If you still can’t make it work, then do these steps again. Make sure you edit the widget. And finally, enjoy your day with information at a glance on your Google Pixel home screen.

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