Samsung Galaxy S22 will Equiped with 200MP Camera by Olympus

Samsung may install a 200MP camera by Olympus for their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series. However, this is still a debate since many news outlets are crisscrossing each other.

The talk about Samsung’s latest flagship phone has been filling the news since they release the S21 in January 2021. To be fair, Samsung has been steadily releasing new phones almost on yearly basis. Therefore, many people are talking about the S22 series not long after they got their hands on S21.

Samsung Galaxy S22 have 200MP Camera Sensor

Several renders are showing the upcoming flagship phone in its glory. One of the renders shows that Samsung Galaxy S22 will have five main camera lenses. And one of the lenses bears the mark of 200MP and Olympus name.

For the past few months, rumors about the South Korean tech giant and Japanese camera master collaboration have been floating around. This lead to the report that mentions how Samsung will put an Olympus Camera for the S22 series. As you know, Samsung and Olympus have been working together for a while now. But also keep in mind that Samsung produced some of the best mirrorless cameras out there.

samsung galaxy s22 200mp camera

It is unclear which company reach out first for the collaboration. Many people think that Olympus is the one with the initiative. However, this collaboration is something that will boost the market for both companies.

A collaboration between mobile phone and camera manufacturers is nothing new. The latest example of a mobile phone and camera collaboration is between OnePlus and Hasselblad.

However, another report denies this rumor and claims that Samsung will refine the 108MP HM3 ISOCELL camera that you can find in the current S21 Ultra. The report mentioned that it’s more than just refining and improving.

Samsung S22 series Dimensions

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series will come a bit smaller than the current S21 series except for S22 Ultra that will have the same dimension. However, many reports mention that the S22 series will get several upgrades for both the hardware and software. For starters, the Galaxy S22 series may be the first phone that uses the latest Android 12.

The handsets also will get a boost for battery capacity. And they also may have a 45w fast charge. Keep in mind that Samsung installed a 45w fast charge for the S20 series. But they changed it to 25w on the current S21 series. However, the change is to compete with other manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Oppo that already introduce 55w and 65w fast charge.

Many users have been reporting their S21 Ultra to heat up fast. Therefore, Samsung installs a heater fan for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to prevent the phone from heating up. The S22 Ultra also will have Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide technology to adjust the battery usage dynamically. Samsung claims that LTPO can save up to 16% battery usage.

galaxy s22 dimension

Samsung Galaxy S22 series also will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. And the collaboration with AMD means that the latest Samsung phones will have a boost in the GPU department.

Another update about the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is the S22 Ultra will have S-Pen compatibility. Samsung also will release a new generation of S-Pen with Bluetooth connection. However, it is unknown if the new S-Pen is specific only for the S22 Ultra, or will it work for other handsets as well.

Samsung will release the Galaxy S22 series in January 2022.  As usual, you will only get the handset in the box. It is unclear if you need to change the charger from 25w to 45w. As you know, different currents for charging may affect your battery in the long run.

Whether Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will end up having a 200MP for real or refining their 108MP camera will be proven at that time. For the time being, the confirmed reports are only for the handset dimensions and battery capacity.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series also may have 1TB storage space. With all these features, it will be no surprise if Samsung put the Galaxy S22 series be slightly more expensive than the current S21. However, many analysts dispute that and think that Samsung will have the same pricing for S21 to compete with Apple and their iPhone 13 models.

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