Apple iPhone 13 Release Date, Leaks, Price and News

In case you’ve been waiting for the latest iPhone 13 release date, you can start counting down the days. Apple Event will be held soon in September 2021. And there is a big chance that they will announce or perhaps even released the iPhone 13 there.

While we’re still waiting for the official statements from Apple. Let’s recap on what we already know about the upcoming iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 possible release date

Learning from the previous iPhones, Apple has this tendency to release their iPhones one week after announcing them. They might do the same for the new iPhone 13.

iphone 13 release date

Since iPhone 13 seems to have no major upgrade from iPhone 12. Could it be that Apple will release them as iPhone 12s instead of iPhone 13? Keep in mind that there are some whispers that Apple has started to work on iPhone 14.

Whether iPhone 13 will be just as the reports have said, or will it be more. We will have the answers at Apple Event in September 2021.

  • Design and Colors

Perhaps the most exciting news about iPhone 13 is that it will feature a lot more colors. Many reports stated that the new phone will have new colors such as rosy pink and bronze or orange. In addition to the classic colors of silver, black, white, and rose gold.

As for the design, the rumors stated that Apple is working around the notch and the camera placement. The notch for iPhone 13 is smaller by 30% than the one in iPhone 13.

A report showed that Apple has changed the camera placement for the upcoming iPhone 13. It is now diagonally instead of vertical as in iPhone 12. However, iPhone 13 pro and Pro max might have the same camera placements as their predecessor.

Camera, Display, and Battery

The camera for iPhone 13 will have an upgrade from the iPhone 12 models. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will have autofocus on their ultra-wide lenses.

All four types of iPhones 13 will also get a bump on their 3D sensors for faceID. Unfortunately, LiDAR sensors will only be available for the Pro and Pro Max options.

iphone 13 camera

The display doesn’t change much in the upcoming iPhone 13.  But Apple is rumored to be implementing an under-display fingerprint scanner. In addition to FaceID, it might attract new users who are used to Android’s fingerprint ID.

Apple will bump the battery capacity for iPhone 13 series from the current model. This is in line with their project to have a space-saver design. It means they are experimenting with battery sizes to fit with the handsets.

Some reports mentioned the upgrades on wireless charging. Apple will have iPhone 13 to support 25w fast charging. The upcoming phone is also will be able to do reverse charging. Now you can charge your Airpods by attaching them to your iPhone 13.

  • Connectivity and iOS

You can expect iPhone 13 to have 5G connectivity.  Apple also will install the new A15 chipset on the iPhone 13. But since it’s a 5nm chipset, don’t expect too much improvement from A14 in iPhone 12 series.

Anyway, most people are looking forward to the new iOS 15. Apple announced the new software a while ago. You can expect major improvements on Facetime. The new FaceTime will allow an invitation web link so your friends on Android can join in.

iOS 15 also introduced status updates for messages. Now you can read texts live have them translated right away.  It also redesigned Maps to include commercial districts and buildings.

Storage and Pricing Scheme

Unfortunately, Apple seems to not change any of the storage options. It means that you will see a similar storage scheme to the previous model. However, some rumors mentioned that iPhone 13 will introduce 1TB storage. This might be an option for the Pro and Pro Max versions.

The pricing is an interesting point. Apple gained a large revenue from iPhone 12 sales. If they are aiming to do the same, they might introduce a similar pricing scheme for iPhone 13 series.

You can expect iPhone 13 to start from $699 for the iPhone 13 mini. It is the same price as iPhone 12 mini when it was released. However, you still need to be ready for a slight price rise.

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