Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Gaming Router

For those on a tight budget but still, need good, reliable wireless networking equipment for gaming, look no further than TP-link. If you need a simple, reliable, cheap gaming router on a tight budget and you do not have an insane amount of wireless devices, TP-link Archer C9 is a cheap gaming router worth considering, costing much less than most gaming routers on the market. But if you have a huge family or plan to play several multiplayer games online, the higher-priced routers might be for you. For many, though, cheap isn’t always better, especially when it comes to gamers.

cheap gaming router

Cheap gaming router with USB adapter

The D-link DECT archiving and networking device family include three devices: the USB-powered DECT stick, the powered USB adapter, and the USB card reader. There are several reasons why anyone would purchase a cheap gaming router over one with more bells and whistles. And while the DECT Stick may not technically make a difference in your gaming abilities, the USB adapters can make all the difference in terms of how smoothly your device and your devices communicate with each other.

gaming router with usb

First of all, let’s discuss the USB adapter. As you probably know, the newest networking standards are Wireless-N and Wifi direct. These newer standards require some form of licensing and compatibility with legacy WEP and WPA devices. If you buy a router that does not support these new standards, your gaming experience will be very painful. With the DECT stick, you can easily enable the use of wireless-capable devices without any hassles.

Antenna based technology router

Another reason for buying a cheap wireless router instead of a more expensive one is that routers no longer use antenna-based technology. No more do they use a giant bull horn antenna to transmit signals. All modern routers come standard with antennas that are much too large to be effective. So, you can see now that there is no point in buying a super-easy to install and super-fast router if all it gives you are large antennas that consume a ton of power. Also, routers now utilize antennas that are much more efficient. So, as long as you buy a router with good processor power, you can rest assured that your gaming experience will be super-super-smooth without any dropped connections, lags, or frequent reboots.

gaming router with antenna

Last, but not least, the best reason to buy a router instead of a super cheap one is that routers now utilize much faster processors. This is especially important if you like playing online games that require you to maneuver your character through several rooms, hundreds of rooms, or even a few hundred rooms at a time. Most of today’s routers now have extremely high processing power, which means that your gameplay will be more fluid and will be less likely to suffer from lags or dropped connections. When you buy a router, you’ll also get high-quality Ethernet ports, Firewalls, hardware disabling options, hardware disabling features, and various other options. These will ensure that you get the very best online gaming experience every time.

QoS-enabled router

Now that you know why you should buy a QoS-enabled router over a cheap one, you can just go out and start shopping for these devices. Today, you can get QoS-ready devices from many retailers for as little as $50. However, if you want to avoid paying retail for your gaming device, there are a few shopping tips you can follow. For example, you can search for QoS-ready computers or routers over the internet or visit various websites to read reviews on QoS-ready devices and their performance.

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